For the second time this week the corpse of a possum hangs from the Stobie pole out the front of my house. I call the power company to come and take it down. The power man arrives with his cherry picker, rubber gloves, boots, ladder and overalls. He stands, looking up at the corpse suspended between pole and wire. “Second this week” I say. “He nearly made it”, he says, “just touched his tail on the wire, shorted himself out; still, only a possum eh?”.“Yeah”, I say, “only a possum on his way to run all over my bloody roof when I’m trying to sleep”. That night, a replacement possum stomps above my head at two a.m., promoted from the ranks to front line service.


Copyright Mike Hopkins 2016

Poem a Day 2015 #16 – Drop Ins

Poem number 16 for April 2015. Possums regularly wake me at night. (great night at Langmeil. Will report tomorrow).

Drop Ins

no possums invading

my backyard last night

no vampire hissing

no fresh scattering

of chocolate drop droppings

along the path

no clod hop bounding

 across the roof

nor crash landing

on the neighbour’s fence

no scritch nail fighting

along the path


just the                                distant                  sound


of freeway air brakes


and the mournful            two


in            the         morning





Copyright Mike Hopkins 2015