Poem a Day 2015 #25 – My Facebook Page

Poem number 25 for April 2015. …. for something completely different. How could anyone not love Facebook?

Copyright Mike Hopkins 2015


Poem a Day #20 – Catfished

Missing boy existed only on Facebook

A woman in France called the police in to search for a boy she said had gone missing – however, the boy only existed on Facebook. The police found pictures of they boy and his father on Facebook, but no evidence that he was real. Read about it here. Similar to the very entertaining documentary “Catfish”, which is well worth watching.


Our imaginary boy is missing

His timeline’s not switched on

His Facebook ‘likes’ have halted

His status updates gone


I’ve called in Missing Persons

To see if they can find him

They say that they are certain

They know where he is hiding


He’s in my mental slipstream

In cortex, stem and cord

A social network daydream

The boy’s lost in my thoughts.


© Mike Hopkins 2014