NaPoWriMo 2018 – #10 Laos -1


Laos – 1

Evading the spruiking taxi drivers

I find myself on a lonely corner

outside the airport


Out of nowhere

a tuk-tuk appears

the engine sounds of popping bubbles


He spots me before I spot him

pulls over

lifts my bags onto the rear seat


We putter down a riverside lane

the Mekong  black, turquoise, green

a temple or spa on every corner


Overtaken by women motorcyclists

one hand on the bars

the other holding umbrellas

to block the skin-darkening sun


Tailless cats in the hotel driveway

the receptionist chanting “sabai dii

hands pressed together as if in prayer

geckos chase mosquitoes across the walls


over the road, a bar, blasting out Led Zeppelin



Copyright Mike Hopkins 2018

Image: Ilya P

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