Buy Friendly Street New Poets 16 incl “Mistaken for a Real Poet”

Friendly Street New Poets 16 features three South Australian poets:

John Brydon “Voyages to Another Planet”

Mike Hopkins “Mistaken for a Real Poet”

Simon Hanson “Glowing in the Dark”

Friendly Street New Poets 16

Friendly Street New Poets 16

John Brydon – Voyages to Another Planet
On subsequent readings emerge the fine but exact threads of contact between each poem. The author shows much lyricism and imagery powerful to the extent that it belies the paucity of words used to achieve it. The poems are serious, the collection serious, but there is no darkness here, rather an openness from inherent strength.

Mike Hopkins – Mistaken for a Real Poet
Here is the sardonic and wry mixed with the sincere and heartfelt. When things go further into satirical mode, it turns out to be the poet himself held up for a cutting or frank touch. There is art here as well as artfulness, in a collection showing a literate skill in poem construction, imagery and approach.

Simon J. Hanson – Glowing in the Dark
Strong and able form is employed rigorously throughout these poems. No words are wasted … the author has an idea for a poem and works it with dexterity and aplomb. On a second and third reading, I found further depth, a professional, tested flowing style from poem to poem.

It costs just $20 including postage within Australia

or $28 including postage outside Australia:

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