about mistaken for a real poet

Mike Hopkins is a published poet whose work has won prizes in South Australia, has been broadcast on radio, printed in newspapers and appeared in a number of anthologies. His collection “Mistaken for a Real Poet” was published by Wakefield Press in 2011, in the Friendly Street “New Poets” series.  He lives in Adelaide.

Mike also performs his poetry in poetry slams and poetry readings, and has competed several times in the State heats of the Australian Poetry Slam. He was a State Finalist in 2012, in 2013 won the World Poetry Day Slam in Adelaide, and in 2014 the Paroxysm Press “Sixty Second Slam” in the Adelaide Fringe.

He has been guest poet at a number of Adelaide groups, including Poets’ Corner (at the Effective Living Centre), Friendly Street Poets, Spoke n Slurred,The Word Box, Poetry and Pizza (Coriole Winery). He was, mistakenly, on the board of Friendly Street Poets.

  • In 2011, he was invited to present as guest poet at the “New Voices” Festival in Eltham, Victoria and to perform at the Muddy River Slam in McLaren Vale.
  • He reached the State Poetry Slam Final in 2012 with his poem “Adelaide is…”
  • In 2012, he read “The Adelaide Taxi Driver’s Prayer” to a large crowd at Adelaide Writers’ Week, as part of the launch of  the “Flying Kites” anthology.
  • In 2013 he was shortlisted for the Varuna Writers’ House Publishers’ fellowship and was advised he had been selected (but again it turned out to be a mistake).

His poetry covers many forms, both traditional and modern. His topics include personal, social, environmental and political themes, often with a humorous element.

John Miles, the poetry editor of The Independent Weekly described Mike’s work as follows:

‘ Here is the sardonic and wry mixed just about faultlessly with the sincere and heartfelt. Firstly, the author makes sure it is himself being looked at in any cutting light …when things go further into satirical mode and it might seem that another is the object of a poem’s bite, it turns out to be the poet himself again, held up for yet another cutting or frank touch. But there is art here as well as artfulness, in the collection showing a literate skill in poem construction, imagery and approach.’

Hazel Menehira, in reviewing Friendly Street Poets 35, said of one of Mike’s poems:

One of the best tingle chucklers for me is ‘Caution-This Office May Damage Your Health’ (51) by Mike Hopkins. This a brilliant contemporary poem…so much fun and candour as it moves through four stanzas at a fast buoyant pace …

To contact Mike:

email: mikehop1 at gmail dot com

All poems on this blog are copyright Mike Hopkins unless otherwise attributed.

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