Poetry Season #1 – “Shine”


The Wavy Path

I’ve just started a course with talented poet and all-round great guy Andy Jackson. Andy is based in Castlemaine, New South Wales, so the course is run via email. I, and nineteen other lucky students, split into two groups of ten, receive a detailed prompt and poems to read on a Monday morning, and respond with our own poems by the Friday.  Then we give feedback on the other poets’ work in our group, and finally Andy gives us his detailed feedback. The course runs for six weeks. This is the end of week 1 and so far it looks like it’s going to be really useful and instructive. Best of all, it forces me to write, and I usually need to be forced.

So I thought I’d post my weekly poem here. They will all be first draft, though not quite as first draft and instantaneous as the poem a day napowrimo poems. And I’ll likely be concentrating on prose poems, which I want to write more of this year.

The prompt for the first poem, greatly summarised, is “summer”. This is my response:

Image:COP Biodiversity and Landscape https://www.flickr.com/photos/copbiodiversityandlandscape/35687633296

3 thoughts on “Poetry Season #1 – “Shine”

  1. Like “A magpie lark lurks nearby, ready to slake…”. Agree, great last line. His other response to drought & CC -announcing a policy on ‘Australia Day.’.

  2. I loved this Mike. I don’t use this poetic form very often, or at all really, but after reading this work, I’d certainly like to learn more about it. Any chance of you running a workshop in writing prose poetry some time as a part of the monthly Gawler Poets @ the Pub events? Let me know, and we can see if we can tee up a month for it – it’s held on the last Sunday of every month. At the moment, 2019 is relatively free, after March, except for July, which is when the Adelaide Plains Festival of Words (Location), will be happening. Let me know ,,,

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