NaPoWriMo 2018 – #30 Thirty



Thanks again to Paul Flatt for a prompt, which led to this, the thirtieth and final one of the month, thank god. Appropriately, on the subject of 30.


The Virgin Mary stopped ageing

when she was thirty, so

what did she die of?


There are only ten commandments.

Occ Health and Safety laws

cover the other twenty


If there were only thirty

ways to leave your lover

the divorce rate might be lower


If God took his time

and spent thirty days on his creation

we wouldn’t need lawyers


There are only seven deadly sins

because the other twenty-three

are physically impossible


Imagine the noise

if Spinal Tap’s amp

went up to thirty


How much weed

would the Byrds have needed

to go thirty miles high


and how much more

to reach

cloud thirty?



Copyright Mike Hopkins 2018


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