Notorious Q.P.F

As the inaugural recipient of the Paul Sherman Community Poetry Award, I think it is my duty to share some candid thoughts about the direction of the Queensland Poetry Festival – Australia…

Source: Notorious Q.P.F


4 thoughts on “Notorious Q.P.F

  1. I’m torn. I am hugely in favour of poetry being accessible, & performance poetry etc. is precisely that. But there’s also value in being made to work in a poem. The balance to strike is about encouraging people into poetry’s house, but offering more than an entrance foyer (or a TV room). If they don’t want to move beyond lingering at the entrance so be it, but they should know there are more rooms to explore if they want.

    It’s all about balance. Giving people only, or a preponderance of, easily digestible junk food (please forgive the analogy – I’m not implying that PP is junk food) is great if your only objective is to encourage them to eat, but to be healthy you need your greens too.

    While the boundaries of what is and what isn’t poetry are anything but distinct, particularly when it comes to music (witness Dylan’s Nobel) – it’s more like a Venn diagram – the trouble with that is you can stray entirely into an adjoining domain without realising you’ve left the core. Or perhaps caring, if the strayed-into domain is more fun / less work.

    • Very well said, Russ. PP does seem a tad formulaic, so one could compare it with genre writing, nothing wrong with that at all if it gets people reading/listening/enjoying. But there is much to be said for literary fiction and poetry in its purest form too.

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