Review: The West Verandah by Sonia Mycak

west-verandah-life-and-works-les-murray-9781760321376-48174The West Verandah
by Sonia Mycak

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is a series of essays about the life and works of Australia’s leading poet, Les Murray.

Read the book and you will learn a lot about Murray, his life and his works. Some of the essays are tough going, others are more accessible, especially those that give an insight into Murray’s life experience. I particularly found the final, lengthy essay incredibly dense – an overly academic review of one of Murray’s works which goes down several academic rabbit holes. They were of no interest to me whatsoever. Other readers may get value out of it.

There are probably better ways to learn about Murray. Hearing him read in person is an experience. He is much more interesting and engaging than one or two of these essays might lead you to believe.

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