Yorkshire Dales 1 – From Wensleydale


I’m cycling in the Yorkshire Dales and trying to write a poem a day for a week. Internet access is patchy, so they may get posted sporadically. And formatting is not so easy on a tablet

Here’s number one. I love the place names around Wensleydale.

From Wensleydale

(after  Jen Hadfield)

I will take you by Wanlass

I will take you by West Wood

I will take you by Haremire and Tullis Cote

I will take you through Preston Scar to Old Flue

I will bring you down Long Scar

I will lead you up Broomber Rigg

I will show you Loft Skew

I will show you Bellerby Moor

I will lead you down Black Beck

We will run in Spring Gill over Walburn Moor

We will cross over Cross Gill Top

We will fall into Whit Fell and Peat Fell

We will beat through East End Vein

We will beat through Old Stork Vein

We will rest in Hags Gill

We will wash in the icy Swale

We will sleep in Nun Cote Nook.


copyright Mike Hopkins 2015

2 thoughts on “Yorkshire Dales 1 – From Wensleydale

  1. Good one Mike. It’s a good idea to discipline yourself to commit to a poem a day. You can edit / reformat later. It’ll be a great record of yr time there & many will be published somewhere else later (this happened to me after you introduced me to NaPoWriMo.)

  2. Hello dear Mike, that poem was just beautiful – I felt it was another world. I have wondered why you were quiet and forgot about the travel plans. You will be in your element cycling along – enjoy every minute.

    Do get in touch when you are back as it would be nice to catch up.


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