Poem a Day 2015 #26 – The Point of the Mask

Poem number 26 for April 2015. Can’t remember who it was by, but a line from a poem I heard recently was something like “the point of the mask is not the mask”.

The Point of the mask …

… is the face behind it

the point of the wine is the sobriety deserted


the point of a kiss is the lover in mind

the point of a journey is the place left behind


the point of the speech is the word unsaid

the point of faith is the doubt acknowledged


the point of the dressing is the wound

the point of sleep is to awaken


the point of a meal is the hunger

the point of a dress is what is covered


the point of music is the silence

the point of a welcome is the person unwelcomed


the point of the crown is the heir

the point of a garden is the earth


the point of a poem is between the lines




Copyright Mike Hopkins 2015


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