Poem a Day 2015 #12 – Loneliness

Poem number 12 for April 2015. I love a list poem:

Loneliness is

the bastard memory of lost love

the post box empty of letters

the street kid curled in a doorway

the anti-hero running from the pitchforks

the tunnel with well-drilled wardens at each end

the obsession with imagined slights

the teardrop on an old photograph

the long distance runner still running when the race has ended

the one left out when all others have paired

the rage behind the closed door

the scream with no response

the single word answer to the heartfelt question

the certainty that everyone else is wrong

the half warm double bed

the deserted husband eating from a tin

the deserted wife still cooking enough food for two

the oldest woman in the harem

the porn-star past his prime

the fragile border between mood and mood disorder

the fraud committed alone

the only lit office in the building

the lie too big to admit

the executive sending 3 a.m. emails

the truth untold to troubled ears

the heart aghast at daylight



Copyright Mike Hopkins 2015


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