Poem a Day 2015 #8 – This I’ll Tell Ya Brother


Poem number 8 for April 2015. I’ve expanded a fragment I wrote some time ago, based on an early childhood memory. Not necessarily my childhood. Not necessarily my memory.

This I’ll Tell Ya Brother

The Ascot boiler on the wall

the pilot light’s blue glow

a tin bath in the middle of the floor


I sit in the grey scummed water

My skin prune wrinkled

The people in the upstairs flat shouting


at my parents who are shouting

at each other over some revelation

I don’t understand


On the wireless

a voice says “This is the BBC”


Sinatra sings: “Love and marriage, love and marriage

go together like a horse and carriage


This I’ll tell ya brother

you can’t have one without the other

Copyright Mike Hopkins 2015


3 thoughts on “Poem a Day 2015 #8 – This I’ll Tell Ya Brother

  1. Very evocative Mike. We had an even more primitive heater in my childhood home. It used to shoot a 3 foot-long flame up the cowelling to the waterpipe. Used to scare me shitless when I had to light it or it ‘struck back.’

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