Poem a Day 2015 #2 – What if …..

Poem number 2 for April 2015, started off with a suggestion by my poet friend Kathryn that I should write some more poems about work. Then it sort of wandered off to adjoining rooms.

What if ….

this job is the job you’ll be doing for eternity

each day the same futile pursuit

the same argument

with the same tosser?


What if this person you wake up next to each morning

who bores you to tears

is the most interesting person

you will ever meet?


What if this day is the last day of your life

and is repeated tomorrow like a pair of mirrors

reflecting each other

into infinity?


What if this God you don’t believe in

really doesn’t exist

and the world blames you

for being right?


What if you were switched at birth

and your real parents are the war criminals


in yesterday’s paper?


What if these things you think you see

are just the remnant brain activity

of someone who’s been in a coma

for 50 years?


What if they are right and you are wrong

the lunatics really are in charge of the asylum

black is white

and Jeremy Clarkson is a genius?


What if a man really is only as good as the car he drives

the mansion he lives in,

the beer he drinks,

the deodorant he wears?


What if this planet has an exact replica

on the other side of the universe

and someone is writing this poem

there, right now?


Copyright Mike Hopkins 2015


6 thoughts on “Poem a Day 2015 #2 – What if …..

  1. Nice one Mike. I’m pretty sure there’s an infinite number of versions of us in an infinite number of universes churning out a poem a day, probably in every month. That’s a bludy lot of poems! I’m tired thinking about it.

  2. Sounds like the hell on earth I’ve always known and loved too-well. [Mike: the fashion these days is for poets to be brutally honest in their work. Suggest you elide all the “what if”s before you submit. That should make it honest enough.]

  3. What if one day
    you stopped writing poems,
    and poems
    started writing

    Yet again, you’ve given us a great poem Mike! When are we going to see you in Gawler again?

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