Book Review -“Underground Road” by Sharon Kernot

Underground RoadUnderground Road by Sharon Kernot
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is an impressive first novel. The characters are well drawn. There is a mood of impending doom from early on, and Kernot builds tension right through the book. It is a gripping read, but also takes time to incorporate significant social commentary, without being ‘preachy’. The lives of the inhabitants of one street are intertwined, each facing different challenges: bullying, domestic violence, gambling, mental illness, adjustment to retirement. The characters are engaging and the reader is drawn into their world from page one.

Whilst it is set in contemporary Australia and has specific Australian references (Centrelink, Commodores, ‘pokies’ etc.), it might almost be any western country where people face similar challenges.

Highly recommended.

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One thought on “Book Review -“Underground Road” by Sharon Kernot

  1. Hi Mike, what a pleasant way to start my Mon morning – reading your Cuba blog and book review. I had forgotten that you cycled through Cuba – amazing and enthralling. Then you are a book reviewer – in the tradition of all those early 1900 English book reviewers – your hidden talents still surprise me.

    Good luck today – not that your life depends on it, but it would be an interesting couple of months.

    See you later

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