Poem a Day #17 – Googling Corruption

Today saw a case of severe writer’s block. The harder I tried, the worse the ideas became. The more I searched poetry books, the web, old notebooks, the less inspiration I had.

Eventually, getting sick of it, and just wanting to eat and relax, I’ve gone back to the earlier idea of a google search bar poem.

This one is loosely inspired by recent events in New South Wales, where the Premier has had to resign over a gift from a corrupt businessman of an expensive bottle of wine.


google corrupt


© Mike Hopkins 2014

2 thoughts on “Poem a Day #17 – Googling Corruption

  1. I love “the fix is in and the noodles are boiling” – with your permission I may have to adopt that as a code saying – it may actually replace my current favourite that I’ve been overusing lately “the monkey is in the banana patch” (courtesy of Breaking Bad)

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