Poem a Day #14 – The Scarecrow



I am indebted to Alison Flett for this one. She introduced me to the Wallace Stevens poem “The Snow Man” on which I’ve modelled this poem.

The Scarecrow

(after Wallace Stevens)

You must have a mind of straw

a sylvan insensitivity

to pose in the crop clad field


to stand sun blazed for weeks

on parched earth

feet brushed by weeds


and let the late season rain

drown your thoughts

in rushing rivulets


washing your mind

of all meaning

leaving a void


where nothing, not the sharp perch bird

nor the wet snuffle fox

can sully your lucid emptiness


© Mike Hopkins 2014

7 thoughts on “Poem a Day #14 – The Scarecrow

  1. That’s brilliant, Mike, a real winner. Very pleased to have instigated it (though the skill is, of course, in the execution).

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