Poem a Day #11 – No More Gaps

no more gaps

I spent most of today fixing up cracked walls, cornices and tiles in the house I used to live in. It was the family home. Soon it will be going up for sale and open for inspection. In Adelaide, most homes on the plains suffer from cracking, due to the expansion and contraction of our clay soils. Our cracks are not too bad, compared to many and can be fairly easily filled using a product called “No More Gaps”.


No More Gaps

Hunting down the imperfections

the spider vein fractures


the crack between

what is and what was


the lifting surface under foot

which rises again no matter

how hard you stamp it down


the mismatched touches

of gloss and flat


the worn facade

exposing the ageing frame


feeling with

split fingertips


putting in the fix

concealing the damage.


Laying open

for inspection.


© Mike Hopkins 2014



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