Poem a Day #10: Street View


The wonders of the web. You can find almost any house, anywhere in the world, and inevitably you are tempted to look at houses you once lived in.


Street View

Googling a memory

I am drawn

to a house

10,000 miles away


Still visible is the notch

I gouged out of the gate post

with my car after

a night of drinking


An unfamiliar truck

sits in the driveway

as if a tradesman

is indoors


The lawn is more neatly clipped

than I used to keep it.

The top of the high front hedge

still eludes clippers


The steel framed windows

have been replaced with

plastic coated aluminium

neo-Georgian leadlight


A wave of vertiginous nostalgia

envelopes me. I click

on zoom – am launched

like a weightless peeping tom

towards a net curtained window


© Mike Hopkins 2014

11 thoughts on “Poem a Day #10: Street View

  1. Inspired by my day 8 poem were you mate? 🙂
    I gotta admit, I’m reading everyone else’s blogs, stockpiling ideas in case a day comes when there’s a drought. The gouged notch is my fav image.

    • Thanks Valerie. I’m only prolific in April when myself and several other Adelaideans commit to doing a poem a day. The rest of the year I’m lucky to do one a month.

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