Ode to Arthur Sinodinos


I’ve always disliked Arthur Sinodinos, if only because he was the close advisor to the Australian politician I detest the most, the awful John Howard.

Sinodinos got into parliament at the last election by being given a Senate spot on the Liberal ticket. He was seen as a likely star performer for the government’s first term and was immediately appointed Assistant Treasurer. He had to stand down from that position recently, when it was revealed that he had a severe conflict of interest during his time as deputy and Chairman of Australian Water Holdings (AWH). He was involved in a deal in which he stood to personally profit by a cool $20 million.

This week, he had to front ICAC (the Independent Commission against Corruption.) where, conveniently, his memory deserted him, and he could not answer most of the Commission’s questions. He seems to remember very little of his time at AWH – though he was paid an annual salary of $200,000 for 45 hours work per year.

Ode to Arthur Sinodinos

Oh Arthur, Arthur, Arthur Sinodinos

So fucking smart, but still an ignoramus

Snout in the trough, you really are mendacious

Like little Johnny Howard, cunning and quite shameless

Scared to tell the truth and die like Coriolanus

Didn’t see nothing, your head was up your anus

When ICAC asks you questions, you answer them with silence

Or blame it on your sister, Martha Sinodinos

Money from the purse, your appetite’s voracious

You could have had it all, and an office of the highest

Now you’re half the man you were, you’re half-a-Sinodinos

© Mike Hopkins 2014

10 thoughts on “Ode to Arthur Sinodinos

  1. I really liked that. Ah Coalition feds – the pollies that keep on giving (material and motivation for writers, poets and cartoonists). So easy to loathe.

  2. GM,

    In addition to my Comment, this is for your eyes only. Just a typo I noticed –

    Says: “Money from the purse, you’re appetite’s voracious”. Should be “…your…”


  3. good poem, Mike. I like it. Graham Rowlands and you are the only two contemporary poets I know of note who consistently write effective political poetry [ though I’ve been out of the loop for a few years ]

    • Thanks John. An honour to be mentioned in the same sentence as Graham. I’ll go back and revise this when I have time. I might try to sell the last line to Bill Shorten to use in Parliament!

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