I need the road

The Road

I’m off to Thailand with my son on Thursday. I’m feeling a strong need to get out of Australia for a while, and this will be just be a short trip.

So maybe in 2014, a longer road trip.

Listen to the wonderful Joolz Denby urging me (and you) on:

One thought on “I need the road

  1. Howaya Mike,

    Good to hear from you! All good here – Leslie back from Oz for the holiday and returning to Sydney on Sunday boo hoo! Dee keeping well and still abusing me quite beautifully!!
    Dave was in Lanzarote for Xmas have not seen him for a while – will imbibe with him anon! We’re off to Portugal hopefully in Feb for a couple of months – gonna cruise to N.Spain and drive the remainder – only way to get the dog over with us, he’s a tad precious you know!!!

    So bro! have a terrific time with your boy – what a lovely thing to do! Nice man you!


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