Gig at Cafe Non-Fiction

Thanks to Rob de Kok, who has invited me to appear at his Cafe non-Fiction gig next Wednesday night, 27th November 2013.

He’s given me an interesting brief:

“I prefer non-fiction work/true life poetry but from what i remember that’s what you do anyway. You can develop a theme if you like.”

True life poetry eh? I had hoped people thought I made it all up.

Rob runs Co-West, which is, he says:

“… Coworking space, the new way to make sure you have a space for your creative drive. Co-West is there so you have a reason to get up in the morning, shake the cat off your lap, put on some real clothes and go in to work. It’s where your art becomes a job. Coworking spaces are where people work independently together- sort of like having a fully-equipped office but no boss. They are places where you can write that draft, plan that project, tease out that article, sculpt that collection and finally wrap a routine around your craft.”

– Cafe Non-Fiction 2 –

W e d n e s d a y , N o v e m b e r  2 7

6 . 3 0 for 7

Settle back for another great night of published prose, poetry readings, gentle live music, a little drama and your personally chosen non-fiction moment.

THIS MONTH: Bring your favourite non-fiction book and read one crucial page to us!

As usual we’ll stir the pot with our (now patented!) unique version of ‘Two-way Q+A’, and provide lovely food and a few vinyl tunes to fill the gaps.

= Wine, coffee and soft drinks available by donation =

$15 / $10 members/concession

== In the Salon at Co-West: 6.30 / 7pm kick-off ==

PLEASE NOTE::: Last month was awesome but a little crowded. Book early!
Reserve your place on faceook or by email: