Breaking News

The breaking news is bad and good. The bad being badder than the good is gooder.

1. I have shingles. Nasty thing.

2. Just heard that my poem “Complicity” which is about an abattoir in the city of Limerick, will be included in the next edition of “Revival”, the quarterly journal of the Limerick Writers’ Centre:

“We are pleased to accept the poem “Complicity” for Revival 27. The launch will probably be the first Tuesday in October. In due course you will be invited (at your own expense) to Limerick to read your contribution at the launch.”

Shame about the brackets 🙂
Very nice quality publication by a lovely group of people. I read there in June 2013, when I was over in Ireland.

Worth submitting even if you don’t get a free trip to Limerick.

The Suppository of All Wisdom

“No one, however smart, however well educated, however experienced, is the suppository of all wisdom” â€“ Tony Abbott, Liberal Party leader, August 11 2013-08-12



the Suppository of all Wisdom,

have been secreted

in the warmest, moistest,

darkest place

by the carefully manicured

vaselined finger

of Rupert Murdoch.

I will be hidden

in Rupert’s passage

until election day.

In the meantime

the role of ‘wisdom dispensers’

will be filled

by newspaper editors.


he will void me

into the vitreous.

Tony and Australia

can then depend entirely

on Rupert’s wise counsel.

copyright Mike Hopkins 2013