Poem a Day 2013 #30: Face from the Past


Poem number 30.

I feel like a marathon runner limping over the line. 30 poems in 30 days is a great project, but I am now mentally drained. Here’s the final offering:

Face from the Past

I ran into him in the supermarket.

Older, but still that cocky look.

At first it felt good to see him.


We went to a coffee shop,

recalled memories

of laughs, of late night drinking sessions,

of shared trials and triumphs.


Then he launched into the same speeches

he used to make twenty years ago.


The one about how he hates Adelaide.

(he’s still here)


The one about how all Aborigines are useless

(he’s never actually spent time with one)


The one about how he’s broke

(he’s earned good money all his life)


The one about how women have always taken advantage of him

(he constantly scans the bodies of the young waitresses)


The one about how useless the Labor government is

(he’s spent most of his working life being paid by them)


But the final speech I hadn’t heard before:

how he’d been sacked for harassment

and was now having trouble finding a job.

That was a new one

but somehow it made sense.

Somehow it was all the others rolled into one.


We finished our coffees,

swapped telephone numbers,

promised to catch up for a beer.


I might see him again in another twenty years.


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Copyright Mike Hopkins 2013

16 thoughts on “Poem a Day 2013 #30: Face from the Past

  1. Well done on your marathon thirty poems! You deserve a drink. There are some real gems in this collection – the one that stands out for me the most is the Margaret Thatcher/Pinochet one.

  2. I seriously love this poem. One of your best. The last four lines though seem redundant. I would consider getting rid of them

    • Thanks John. I’m surprised at that, but when you’re churning them out it takes a while to sit back and assess which ones are any good. You could be right about the last stanza. I certainly hummed and hawed for 30 seconds over including the last line.

  3. Well done Mike! I’ve enjoyed reading your poems every day. I will miss my daily dose of Mike poetry.

    Kristin (Sent from my iPhone)

  4. Bloody well done, mate! My favourite was My Generation but there were lots of goodies in there – definitely a worthwhile exercise!

  5. Can but agree with all the above comments. You may feel like you’ve limped to the finish, but seriously I think you’re sprinting. I like this poem a lot – but then again, I can honestly say that about every poem you’ve posted this month. Well done.

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