Poem a Day 2013 #28: Self Important

Poem number 28.

I feel like a marathon runner, in the last 5 kms of the race. I’ll make it, but there’s not much left in the tank.

This poem came from a fragment in my notebook, from when I was at Goolwa Beach last year. I saw a group of oystercatchers on the beach, and was amused by their antics. They seemed determined to get as close to the water as possible without getting wet. This resulted in manic dashes up the beach whenever a wave came in.

Self Important

Thirteen oystercatchers

dash over the beach

daintily avoid the rush of sea.

Red nosed, black and white clothed

like inebriated head waiters.

Too self important

to take their hands

from behind their backs,

too dapper to get their feet wet.



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Copyright Mike Hopkins 2013


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