Poem a Day 2013 #18: Nothing Left


Poem number 18.

Ever get the feeling that you can’t meet all the demands on your time?

Nothing Left

It seems like everybody wants a part of him

His employer wants his time and his experience

His children want his money and his fathering

His wife wants his love and his partnering


His lover wants his body and his attention

His friends want his company and his approval

His colleagues want his opinion and his expertise

His team mates want his skill and his power

His club wants his words and his guidance


He can never relax, never just be

without someone asking him for something

without someone wanting him to give, give, give

just another piece, just a bit more


Sitting outside a cafe, a beggar picks him out as a soft touch

Sitting in a pub, a whore sees him as a prospective client

Sitting in a work meeting, a head hunter notes him as a head to be hunted

Sitting on the beach, the seagulls mob him


He wakes up one day, to the realisation

That he has nothing left to give

He has given his all

All of himself





Copyright Mike Hopkins 2013


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