Poem a Day 2013 #15: 25 Reasons Why

Poem number 15. Why?

25 reasons why

Because of the kids

Because he beat me

Because of her mother

Because of his drinking

Because of his addiction

Because he never bathed

Because of the arguments

Because of her bad breath

Because I needed a change

Because I just lost interest

Because he picked his nose

Because I couldn’t trust her

Because he was a bad father

Because I stopped loving him

Because he wouldn’t grow up

Because she became a fat slob

Because she was a bad mother

Because she was never satisfied

Because my friends said I should

Because there was another woman

Because he couldn’t hold down a job

Because she wouldn’t stop seeing him

Because I could never do anything right

Because she was only interested in the kids

Just because.


Copyright Mike Hopkins 2013


2 thoughts on “Poem a Day 2013 #15: 25 Reasons Why

  1. Love the way the reasons get fatter and fatter to the end of the poem, and then the fattest reason of all – ‘just because’ – is the smallest line.

    And oh, was it wrong of me to actually check that there were 25 reasons?! 🙂

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