Poem a Day 2013 #12: Bonobo


Poem number 12. Arising out of a late night discussion last week with four eccentric friends at Al Fresco in Rundle Street. Somehow, a conversation about the intelligence of animals, prompted me to say “I’m coming back as a Bonobo”.


I’m coming back as a Bonobo

I don’t care that my brain will be slightly smaller

Or I keep the same grumpy personality


I don’t care if my ability to write

will be severely limited

my vocabulary restricted


I don’t care if my personal hygiene will suffer

my breath stink

my wardrobe be redundant


I’ll be 99% human.

It’s that tiny difference that counts

that one percent that says


all personality clashes

all political brawls

are resolved with sex


all domestic discord

all neighbour disputes

are settled with sex


all pecking order squabbles

all status worries

are smoothed over with sex


I don’t care

if I come back as a female or a male

because they swing both ways


And when I meet my ape death

I will go to my jungle grave

as Bonobo as can be.


Copyright Mike Hopkins 2013


6 thoughts on “Poem a Day 2013 #12: Bonobo

  1. There must be something going on in the poetry world – I was ALSO talking to a couple of poet friends about the horny wee beasts. Very funny, Mike. Not quite convinced about settling my personality clashes by having sex though…

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