Poem a Day 2013 #3: Counting

Poem number 3. I recently had my nineteen year old niece from England, and her best friend, staying with me for two weeks. They left last week.


I wake at five a.m.

Slip on one pair of shorts, a shirt.

Brush thirty teeth

(thirty two minus two wisdom).

Wake my niece (one of five) and her best friend.

drive them twelve kilometres to the airport

at sixty kilometres an hour

to catch the seven a.m flight (VA 417)

from Adelaide to Sydney

(seven hundred and twenty four miles)

marking the end of fourteen days

spent  with two nineteen year olds

of driving them tens of kilometres

around the numerous sights of Adelaide,

of doing multiple twenty minute trips

into the four square city on the 861 bus.

The occupancy of my house

reverts from three to one.

I count each hour

since they jumped out

of my Mazda 2

and said goodbye.

Copyright Mike Hopkins 2013


6 thoughts on “Poem a Day 2013 #3: Counting

  1. Aw Mike that’s lovely. So poignant. And I know what you mean… my best friend (who you met) has just left after two weeks with us and I miss her.

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