Aggressive gangster hard core rapper

I’m in the State final of the Australian Poetry Slam tomorrow (Friday 2nd November), 7:30 at Higher Ground, Light Square, Adelaide.

This morning I did an interview at Radio Adelaide, on the Breakfast Show.

The young interviewer, Angas, obviously didn’t know what to expect in terms of slam poetry. Sue Reece, who invited me along to do the interview, specifically requested that I do one of my poems called “Slam Poem”. The poem requires a fair bit of energy. It’s really written to be delivered to a rowdy pub audience.

So I put a bit of energy into it, and young Angas seemed to be caught a bit off guard. He said something like “Whoa that was pretty aggressive”, and said it had a fair bit of rap in it.

So now based on reaction from friends who listened in, I have a new identity: aggressive gangster hard core rapper.

You can hear the interview (about 10 mins, including that great character Jill Wherry), at

10 thoughts on “Aggressive gangster hard core rapper

  1. So get you some on-trend bling, yo, some decks and vinyl (just dig out your ole LPs) and hit ’em hard widdit. You is wicked cool, yo, so bring it. Seriously!

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