One of the Greatest Protest Poems?

The late, great Adrian Mitchell doing a timeless anti war poem, as applicable today as it was in the 60s. “To Whom it May Concern”.



and yes, that is Alan Ginsberg in the audience.


6 thoughts on “One of the Greatest Protest Poems?

  1. fucking hell Mike: that is one powerhouse of a performance; you don’t see stuff like that much anymore; sadly bands have taken over and sing all the best songs. I knew the poem, taught it to my kids in high school but never saw it performed till now. Thanks Mike. inspirational stuff.

    • Yes it is some performance, especially considering the occasion at the Royal Albert Hall, the size and quality of the audience. He nails it. In recent years he modified the ending to include Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Iran, Bush and Brown, but with equal if not even more passion. Here’s one of them:

      Very impressed that you taught it to kids in an Adelaide high school. Was it on the curriculum, or was that your choice?

  2. Oh I must seek this one out and read more of his work.

    Recently I’ve been almost fearful of producing poems that could be viewed as revolutionary, or activist. There’s a lot of fear here as government reach widens and becomes more powerful. Oh course I suppose we aren’t to talk about it and just pretend we are all happy little capitalist basking in our excess and blind to the rest. That is how the world is allowed to see us, right?

    I know that this is a time when we (poets) should be more outspoken, but with such an uncertain future one does tend to become fearful of what lies ahead. Especially when you have family to consider. I, like many others, have almost abandoned all hope of effecting any change. So the words become silent and eventually fade away.

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