Hip-Hop Obsession II – Luka Lesson

Luka Lesson came over to Adelaide from Melbourne recently to perform and to present a workshop (which was great by the way). A lovely man as well as a huge talent. He performed this piece at the end of the workshop.  This video is from his tour of the U.S.A, and shows him wowing the crowd at the Nuyorican club with his astonishing piece “May your Pen Grace the Page”.  I love the way the audience is involved in the poem – they loudly declare their admiration for his words.

What a man, and what a great message.


Luka’s web site is at:

4 thoughts on “Hip-Hop Obsession II – Luka Lesson

  1. Thank for your the introduction, Mike. This is a new poet for me and the video was just the inspiration I needed to keep practicing my rhyme. There might be some Hip-Hop-Hope for me yet. An outstanding performance.

    • It IS a great message to any writer, isn’t it K.M. He stressed the same thing in his workshop. Said that he always wanted to be a writer, and believed maybe it was his fate to be one, but that his real fate was to work hard AT being a writer, to get out there, present his stuff, work on hispoems, help other writers and never listen to the naysayers.

  2. Great poem, great word play. And thinking about it, word PLAY is the word, isn’t it? There’s certainly a sense of playfulness in his performance. I read once that our ‘inner artist’ is a child wanting to play.

    • Yes, he clearly enjoys his work. But he also says that it is a LOT of hard work to get to the point where he’s ready to take a poem on stage. And then he doesn’t feel he’s really got control of it until he’s performed it live at least 10 times.

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