You can catch one of my poems “Adelaide is..” opening and closing the ABC Radio National 360 Documentary, “The Poet Stripped Bare” (with a language warning), about ‘the seedier side’ of Adelaide poetry scene.

Listen online at:

or on ABC Radio National 729 on the AM dial this Sunday 3 June 2012 10:05AM

“This is poetry…but not as you know it. Take a deeper look at Adelaide’s literary scene to find a bunch of poets who you won’t find on the manicured lawns at Writer’s Week. Instead, find yourself in the ‘best dive in town’, where we meet one of the scene’s most notorious characters, Teri Louise Kelly. Follow Teri’s unique story, and through her unapologetic and brutally honest verse, discover what it took to lay herself bare as a woman, and as a poet.

‘You know how it feels right? …How it feels when you wake up facing the brutal reality that the total cost at life’s checkout is beyond your resources and despite what they preach, life isn’t even an evens game… you know how that feels don’t you?’”



Please tell me what you think?

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