Poem a Day – 23 – Always Keep a Poem Handy

I’ve committed to writing a poem a day for the month of April as part of National Poetry Writing Month.

23rd April

Always Keep a Poem Handy


stow one in the car boot

like a spare tyre


fold one inside your wallet

like a lazy fifty dollar bill


stick one in your hat band

like a bookie’s runner


slip one in your pocket

let it jingle with the small change


hide one in your underwear

like a stash of dope


conceal one in the heel of your shoe

like a secret map of the camp


wear one under your belt

the way a pirate wears a cutlass


store it in your brain

like a pleasant memory


ring one onto a pigeon’s leg

send it homing


bake one in a cake

like a prison breaker’s file


drop one into fresh cement

like a Mafia victim’s body


hide some in the fridge

under the cold beers


seal one in a glass case

by a small hammer on a chain


copyright Mike Hopkins 2012

15 thoughts on “Poem a Day – 23 – Always Keep a Poem Handy

  1. Love it. And how do you keep coming up with such excellent images to head your poems? Do you find them on the net, and/or collect them in case onbe day them come in handy? And does the image ever inspire the poem?

  2. a rollicking good poem, Mike; perhaps my favourite for the month so far. I also lioved in one of your comments , your notebooks have become your ‘Emergency: Break Glass’:

    • Interesting that it’s your favourite John. It probably took me less time than any of the others, bar the limerick. Yes, scouring my notebooks for ideas has been my lifesaver. What this poem-a-day has really made me do is to dig out old ideas and fragments that I’d previously rejected, or not developed, and turn them into poems. I think it just proves that there are NO ideas that can’t be transformed into some sort of poem, and sometimes into quite decent poems.

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