Poem a Day – 20 – Complicated Shadows

I’ve committed to writing a poem a day for the month of April as part of National Poetry Writing Month.

20th April

A break from Mumbai for a day or two. This one is inspired by the great Elvis Costello song, Complicated Shadows:


Complicated Shadows

A simple enough

task to sort

the shadows


round ones on

this shelf

square on that


bird shaped

ones in the

bird cage


animal shaped

ones in the

animal cage


gun shaped

ones in the

gun locker


body shaped

ones in the

body bag


but where to

put the

irregular ones?


the complicated

ones which

jump about


the tricky ones

with the

blurry edges


the ghostly

ones with

the haunty eyes


this is

going to take

a lot longer


and the

night is

drawing in.

copyright Mike Hopkins 2012

5 thoughts on “Poem a Day – 20 – Complicated Shadows

  1. Oooh I love the sinister overtones to this one, MH. We go from the usual guns and bodies shadows (!) to the blurry haunty ones. Love it. (Love ‘haunty’). 😉

    • Thanks Jen and Marianne. I like it too. Came out very quickly – very right brain. But the idea of a poem based on the Elvis Costello song has been with me a while, so my subconscious was probably working on it.

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