Poem a Day for April

I’ve committed to writing a poem a day for the month of April as part of National Poetry Writing Month.


3rd April –  Exits

exit the womb

exit the school gate

exit through the gift shop

2nd exit from the freeway

checkout of your hotel by 10 a.m.

exit the building in a calm manner

express checkout, 12 items or less

leave the office immediately, taking only your personal belongings

exiting your bank loan incurs an additional fee

exit the plane by the rear doors

get out and don’t come back

50 ways to leave your lover

leaving on a jet plane

self service checkout

cash only checkout

the door to oblivion

exit stage left

the final exit



2nd April –  Once a Catholic

“Your Soul”, she said, “belongs to God”

“You are its custodian on earth

He gave it to you immaculate, pristine

but for that original black taint

Your job is to keep it spotlessly clean”

I imagined my soul,

a foot shaped white thing

but no longer white

I had done so many foul deeds

in my 8 years of life

Swearing, lying

stealing, cheating

fighting, conniving

thinking, living

the way 8 year old boys do

Like the sole of my shoe

it must be dirty,  soiled, worn

getting darker by the day

God would never take it back

It was my eternal black burden.


1st April – Parks Alive

Leaving the organic cafe

its free range children

squealing raucous

bludgeoning square pegs

into round holes

smearing native jams

on pastel walls

we cross to a park

a jazz trio under the gums

imitating Charlie Parker

on a still autumn afternoon

saxophone plaintiff

improvisation on top

of double bass

rhythmed by guitar

alive to the possibilities


12 thoughts on “Poem a Day for April

  1. I’d join you in this noble enterprise, Mike, except I’m already committed to writing two short stories a month for all of 2012. So far I am on track.

    I’ll drop by and see how you’re going from time to time

  2. Good one, MH! I like the play on words and l-o-v-e the expression ‘…free range children…’. You conjured up a simple scene very well, then a great contrast with the peaceful jazz in the park. Well done! 🙂

    • Thanks J.L. It felt more ‘forced’, more ‘left brain’ than the Parks Alive one. Might be able to salvage something from it in the future. Working on the 3rd one right now. It’s tough!

  3. MH, I’m so impressed at how you managed this before you turned into the internet equivalent of a pumpkin!

    I like the way you’ve examined some of the exits we encounter – maybe our first ‘exit’ could be our entrance into this world.

    Now I’m exiting stage left to sleep! 🙂

    • Well I had written most of it earlier in the day, but wasn’t happy with it, so didn’t upload it. By midnight I had no choice! I have to admit, that the next morning I made a few changes, stealing some of your ideas. Is that cheating?

  4. love the ‘Exit’ one, Mike, absolutely love it! love the sardonic humour, love its inventiveness, love the way it catalogues ‘exit’ phrases in common and official use

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