“Last of the Cat Poems” meets Eureka Street

My poem entitled “Last of the Cat Poems”, has been published by Eureka Street today, paired with fellow Friendly Street poet, Karl Cameron Jackson’s “The Feral Cat”.

You can see the two poems here:


and you can hear them read in the mellifluous tones of Philip Jones, here:

Audio from Eureka Street

And here is the poem itself:

Last of the cat poems

Please, not another cat poem
no more couplets for cuddly companions
unless to recount the leftover birds which litter the lawn
whilst puss sits inside with blood on his claws
and purrs satisfaction

I plead with you desist from that paean to pussy palship
save to summon up that stench in the yard
which neighbourhood moggies love to bombard
with tom spray and cat shit

I beg of you no more veneration of feline affection
but to catalogue each Australian creature
which through cat predation wobbles and teeters
on the edge of extinction

I implore you, no more tributes to Tabby Tom and Persian Cleo
except to decry the midnight caterwauling
the screeches, the wails, the quarrels appalling
below my bedroom window

Not more T. S. Eliot like whimsical narration
unless to promote the wearing of flat cat hats
with fur flaps and tails which help to combat
the proliferating kitty population

No, no not even a moggie haiku
until we bid the last cat in Australia farewell
with a tolling not a tinkling bell
a ding dong dell
an obituary, a eulogy, a remembrance will do

 copyright Mike Hopkins 2012


6 thoughts on ““Last of the Cat Poems” meets Eureka Street

  1. brilliant Mike; if I had a hat I’d take it off to you 🙂 it’s so good I’m going to read it again 🙂

  2. actually I’m glad I read it a second time since it’s only now I can see and appreciate the rhyming scheme and the structure of the poem. It’s very good indeed.

    • Thanks John. I might quote you on the cover of my next collection 😉 The poem, as well as my “Adelaide Taxi Driver’s Prayer”, is in the new Friendly Street Anthology “Flying Kites”.

  3. well I never got in 😦 Still I only read once. On the other hand, these poems remind me what the basic requirements of good poems should be; sometimes we all forget

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