My Shadow

Here’s one that was published in “New Poets 16”.  One of the first poems I wrote, and still a favourite.  I think most people can identify with it.  One of the things that we ALL have in common, is that we are all ageing at exactly the same rate:


My shadow has been behaving strangely in recent weeks

I’ve noticed that it’s far less docile than it used to be

For instance, on those occasions when I catch a glimpse of my reflection in a shop window

And see an older, more stooped person than I expect

My shadow is strutting upright, youthful, vigorous

And then when I’m running for the bus, heart pounding

My shadow is impatiently hurrying ahead, no longer willing to wait for me

I swear last week when out cycling, it tried to overtake me

When I’m walking through crowds, careful not to gaze too long or longingly at the young women

My shadow is damn well staring and ogling and half turning to follow them

This worries me.  I’m concerned about my shadow’s state of mind

I fear it is about to abandon me for a younger model


9 thoughts on “My Shadow

  1. your wonderful poem has inspired a haiku from me. I would love to have you look at it and tell me what you think. Your poem tells me you would make a wonderful writer of children’s poetry — yet anothjer competitor for me 🙂

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