60 Second Slam – Adelaide Is….

Yesterday (Sunday 26th Feb 2012), I cycled into the city to take part in the Paroxysm Press 60 second Slam at the Tuxedo Cat on North Terrace. Part of the Adelaide 2012 Fringe.

A decent crowd, a whole range of styles and content.

I did a new piece, called “Adelaide is …”, and got an “encouragement prize” – a nice book of short stories.

Here’s an audio of the poem:

Unley Haiku

Unley Council Area

Unley Council Area

I had this idea a while ago of writing a haiku for every suburb of Adelaide. Then I realised that there are 400+ Adelaide suburbs. Big project. Maybe some of you would like to join me – split Adelaide into 4 or 5 or 6 and make it a bit more manageable.

I did however get as far as writing a haiku for every suburb in the Unley Council area, where I live.  Here they are:


Deepest Black Forest

Where a nice slice of gateau

Waits in each kitchen

Charming Clarence Park

Its Community Centre

Teaches Taekwondo

From a tram window

Elegant Everard Park

Shows art deco homes

Looking for skate park?

Fascinating Forestville

Blocks, pads and a rail

Finest Fullarton

Where the Plant and Craft Market

Is on every month

Organic Goodwood

The Wurlitzer serenades

The aisles of Capri

In happy Highgate

Karl Marx has not been buried

That’s the London one

Hidden in Hyde Park

Dr. Jekyll might retire

To a quiet life

Keswick In Khaki

Part of the army barracks

Salute Unley’s flag

In comfy Kings Park

Majestic residences

On every corner

Magnetic  Malvern

Draws people from all quarters

Like iron filings

Magical Millswood

Rides on miniature steam trains

For the child within

Mighty Myrtle Bank

In memory of Joseph

Brought Myrtle to Oz?

Pretty is Parkside

So close to the green parklands

Walk to the city

In unspoilt Unley

You can wine, dine and rejoice

Or shop ‘til you drop

Houses to die for

In upper crust Unley Park

Name me in your will

In wond’rous Wayville

The Showgrounds dominate all

Annual mayhem

My Shadow

Here’s one that was published in “New Poets 16”.  One of the first poems I wrote, and still a favourite.  I think most people can identify with it.  One of the things that we ALL have in common, is that we are all ageing at exactly the same rate:


My shadow has been behaving strangely in recent weeks

I’ve noticed that it’s far less docile than it used to be

For instance, on those occasions when I catch a glimpse of my reflection in a shop window

And see an older, more stooped person than I expect

My shadow is strutting upright, youthful, vigorous

And then when I’m running for the bus, heart pounding

My shadow is impatiently hurrying ahead, no longer willing to wait for me

I swear last week when out cycling, it tried to overtake me

When I’m walking through crowds, careful not to gaze too long or longingly at the young women

My shadow is damn well staring and ogling and half turning to follow them

This worries me.  I’m concerned about my shadow’s state of mind

I fear it is about to abandon me for a younger model