Short and Twisted

I heard yesterday that one of my prose poems, “The Collector” has been selected for inclusion in “Short and Twisted 2012″”

The poem is definitely the weirdest piece I’ve ever written, and is short, so will go well with a lot of other ‘short and twisted’ pieces. It arose out of a chance meeting with a woman I used to work with. When I enquired what she was doing these days, she told me she was collecting tissue samples from men!  Turns out she was working in a laboratory which does tests on men’s prostate biopsies.

My mind ran a bit wild with this thought, and “The Collector” resulted. I’ve performed it at a couple of gigs, and it has got good responses from the audience, ranging from raucous laughter to shocked bemusement.

Anyway, I can’t reprint it until after “Short and Twisted 2012” has been published (around May 2012 I think), so you’ll have to wait.


6 thoughts on “Short and Twisted

  1. Ever read ‘The Collector’ by John Fowles? Probably the most chilling story I’ve ever read… & a masterpiece of POV.
    Can’t wait to read your poem, Mike. I had a story in S&T 2011. Submitted one this time (which I thought was better) & wasn’t successful. You never can tell what will be accepted & what won’t. Congratulations!

    • I read several John Fowles about 30 years ago: The Magus, French Lieutenant’s Woman. Not sure if I read The Collector. Will look it up. Yes, selections by publications and in competitions can be mystifying at times.

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