Adelaide Taxi Driver’s Prayer

Adelaide Suburbs

I don’t often use taxis, but I happened to get two yesterday. One to get to the funeral of an old friend from the SA Masters’ Running Club, Frank Rogers, a lovely man who died from cancer last weekend. And then I got a taxi from the funeral into the National Wine Centre, for a very enjoyable champagne evening with some friends.

Taxi drivers have a tough job.  They have to compete for customers, work long, unsociable hours, put up with all sorts of wallies. Sometimes, the fare might only be a few blocks, hardly worthwhile picking up the customer. But of course they’re obliged to do so.

They must dream of ‘the big one’, the fare from Outer Harbour to Port Noarlunga, from Largs Bay to McLaren Vale.  Here’s a prayer I wrote, that maybe they recite each day, before they go to work.

(Inspired by Ian Dury’s “London Bus Driver’s Prayer”’s_Prayer)

The Adelaide Taxi Driver’s Prayer

(after Ian Dury)

Our cabfare, which starts in Cavan

Hallett Cove be thy aim

Thy Kingswood come

Thy Willaston

In Hove as it is in Hendon

Give us Largs Bay and Birkenhead

And forgive us our Crafers West

As we forgive those that Crafers against us

And lead us not into Keswick station

But deliver us from Frewville

For thine is the Findon

The Paralowie and the Salisbury

Rostrevor, Rostrevor

Mile End.


5 thoughts on “Adelaide Taxi Driver’s Prayer

  1. Thank Rob, Marianne and Carolyn. I enjoyed writing and reciting that one. If one of your own poems still makes you smile each time you read it, it’s a good sign. Ian Dury is the man.

  2. a clever little piece; I catch taxis regularly; it’s amazing how many taxi drivers in Adelaide come from the Punjab; you meet the occasional one from Iran, usually considerably older than their Punjabi counterparts

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