Jacarandas, Jasmine and Geraniums

Jacarandas & Geraniums-Malvern

Jacarandas & Geraniums-Malvern

This time of year in Adelaide means, the Jacarandas and Geraniums are in full flower. If you’re lucky, the scent of jasmine may pervade your garden as well. Jacaranda are all around the suburb where I live.  They burst into bloom, and then shower flowers onto the roads and pavements, giving a sort of ‘purple mirror’ effect.  If Jimi Hendrix was still around, he’d write a song about them.

I first saw Jacaranda in Zimbabwe.  In full bloom, they take your breath away. Photographs don’t do them justice somehow. They were prevalent in Harare and its suburbs. The best display was in what used to be called Cecil Square (named after Cecil Rhodes), now called African Unity Square. Here are a couple of shots from outside our house in Adelaide, and then one from Cecil / African Unity Square.

They are native to South America, but now you’ll find them in warmer climates all over the world: Africa, India and Australia.

Anyone spotted Jacaranda in unexpected places?

Jacarandas in Malvern

Jacarandas in Malvern

Harare Jacarandas

Harare Jacarandas (Cecil / African Unity Square)


One thought on “Jacarandas, Jasmine and Geraniums

  1. I love the alliteration of the title — even if ‘Geraniums’ does begin with a ‘G’; ahh the facarandas, ‘November’s royal bloom’; yes they are all around the beachside suburbs

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