Incident at Brownhill Creek I

This poem won second prize at Salisbury Writers’ Week in 2010.  It recounts an incident I observed at Brownhill Creek, a lovely little reserve not far from where I live. Alongside the road which runs through the reserve are a few hobby farms.

Incident at Brownhill Creek

On the hobby farm

the man looks fondly on his flock

the dog looks up to the man

the dog looks down on the flock

the man crouches next to one of the sheep

runs his hands through its fleece

the sheep likes this

the dog thinks this is not quite right, growls disapproval

the man playfully pushes the sheep from side to side

the sheep likes this

rolls over, much like a dog

the man is amused

the dog thinks this inappropriate, barks displeasure

the man pats the sheep’s stomach

the sheep likes this

throws its head back, wriggles with joy

the man is delighted

the dog thinks this is outrageous, runs around yelping his fury

the man comes to his senses

looks at the dog sheepishly

the dog looks at the man sternly, nips the ankle of the sheep

steers it back to the flock, returns to sit by the man’s heel

looks up to the man

order is restored

© Mike Hopkins 2011