Mistaken for a Real Poet

Is a blog by Mike Hopkins, who was, once, mistaken for that famous Australian poet, Mike Ladd, and whose poem, “Being Mike Ladd”, is included in the collection recently published (April 2011) by Wakefield Press, in the Friendly Street New Poets series:

Friendly Street New Poets 16

Friendly Street New Poets 16

Here is the poem:


Being Mike Ladd

“Are you Mike?”, said the lady organiser of the poetry gathering, as I walked through the door

“Yes” I replied, slightly puzzled as to how she knew my name

“Oh I AM an admirer of your poetry” she gushed

I struggled to place her, was sure I had not met her before

My work must have been circulating spontaneously

Maybe it’s something to do with the internet.

Half finished poems on my C drive slithering their way to the modem

And working their way around Adelaide, seeking out like minded poetic souls

And saying “Here I am, the work of an underrated, undiscovered talent”

Being read without my knowledge at open readings

Performed at poetry slams by voluptuous women who sigh at the beauty of my words

And dream of meeting the author

Or maybe an acquaintance covertly compiled a slim compendium of my works

And submitted it to Faber and Faber

Who eagerly accepted it and printed a first run of 1,000 copies

Of which only a few remain on the shelves of Angus and Robertson

Having been sold out at Borders

I wonder when I will receive my royalty cheque

And my invitation to Writers’ Week?

My reverie was broken by a stir in the doorway behind me

A man of similar build, but a touch younger, a tad more hair, a far more poetic bearing

A bevy of admirers surrounded him

The lady organiser looked at me accusingly

Marked me down as an impostor

Never again will I be mistaken for a real poet.

©Mike Hopkins 2011